020 lenormand, tarot, spanish naipes card meanings

Monday, August 3, 2020

I have decided to share the meanings I have been using throughout my career in my blog. These meanings were the foundation for my journey as a diviner who specializes in the art of predicting future outcomes and events.

Please enjoy.

Spanish Naipes

019 intro to tarot

Friday, July 10, 2020

I have avoided the subject long enough. It's time to talk about one of my most favorite activities ever.

When I was little I used to play with my father's playing card dice set. It had a shaker with the same felt from casino tables in red or black. A toddler handling everyday objects will run with their imagination. I had a passion for divination long before I ever picked up the practice. It was always in the background as I was growing up. Upon arrival to my grandparents house I would be greeted by carved wooden statues. Elaborate incense holders, large bibles, saint statues, rosaries, foreign objects on the shelves I could not identify still today. Séance, espiritismo, centro de espiritista, la virgen María, etc. were all words my family members exchanged quite frequently; casually. To me, those weird and taboo subjects were not threatening or scary. They were part of my life.

To me it made sense to learn, and I did so alone. I had my family's consent to dabble, and to me that was all I needed. I got into it before it blew up on the Internet. Back then there were no helpful blogs or Youtube tutorials. All we had were books. My heart thumped violently in my chest before I freed the cards from their box for the very first time. I was overcome with emotion the first time I held them. The learning process started with Rachel Pollack's written collaboration with Dave McKean for the Vertigo Tarot booklet. The first tarot deck I ever read for somebody else with was the Voyager Tarot by Dr. James Wanless. In 2003 I had my first tarot reading done professionally, and it was carried out by La Gitana Patricia. She used a first edition of the Rohrig Tarot, a deck I came back to find had worn out so greatly that it no longer bore illustrations. They faded out beyond recognition the last time I held them. She read for thousands of people with them.

018 fire emblem: three houses

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
came out July 26, 2019. At the time I had not pre-ordered because I always found the game available on release day in the mall I would go to. Well this time that wasn't the case, so we tried everywhere from Target to Best Buy to get it. We visited several GameStop locations. We grabbed lunch afterwards, and made our way back as quickly as possible. He tethered his Switch to the television and I played mine handheld, because that's how I roll. (Probably thanks to the Nintendo 3DS XL I lugged around daily until the Switch came out...) 🎮🌈

The first Fire Emblem game I ever played and loved was Fire Emblem: Awakening. I was immediately hooked with gameplay, graphics, character designs, and story. Of course my favorite in the series is Tharja. 💜 I have played many Fire Emblem games since then...

017 gloomville

Monday, June 1, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the real star of 2020 for me. I am still engrossed as I was on March 20th when I pulled off the wrapper and pushed the cartridge into my Switch console. I haven't taken the game cartridge out since. It goes without saying the game could not have come out at a better time!

016 pandemic

Monday, May 25, 2020

Decided to come out of the trenches to say hi. Its been a while, hasn't it? Surviving extreme hermitdom has mad many, many ups and downs. I never thought this would be something I would experience in my lifetime... but here we are. I strive to be less negative every day.

015 hybrid flower bonanza

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Just had to force myself away from the loving grip of my Nintendo Switch console. And, boy was that a challenge... I'm hooked!!!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given me the opportunity to spend time with my friends from abroad, and to make many new friends online. The online community is extremely active and kind. I have only had positive experiences so far.This game is awesome! More things to come for it... I'm looking forward to the coffee shop and to see Reese again. Reese was my favorite NPC in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. We got real close with all those transactions... I am so obsessed that I play the game for over 7 hours a day. I am having a great time playing it.

014 animal crossing new horizons

Monday, March 30, 2020

The game of the season is finally here. I pre-ordered it a couple of weeks before launch date. With the pandemic going on, Amazon sent me an e-mail on the 18th past midnight. They said the release wouldn't arrive until later that week. After that egregious slap in the face I promptly cancelled my pre-order and ordered again from Game Stop. My order arrived on the 20th just after 3 P.M., and it made a moody day considerably better. These days have been quite tough. Los Angeles is currently being hit by the virus. The cases just keep sky-rocketing, and people working at ICU are overwhelmed. Our quarantine status has been extended until April 30th. Double the time. We estimate things may start to return to normal around June. I think it'll be a drag until August.

The game starts out checking you checked in for your flight. Before your flight has landed you can glimpse at your native fruit. The first thing you do is get settled with your tent. From there you dive into the tutorials, gathering resources and crafting tools. You can harvest fruit once every three days for a profit, and in between days can be spent chopping wood, hitting rocks and selling fish or bugs. Whenever I've got energy to keep going after exhausting my island's resources, I head on over to the airport to visit adjacent mystery isles. The first time I flew out, I met Stitches but didn't talk. I wanted to be surprised by the villagers that moved in.

My first five are Coach, Sylvia, Drago, Peanut, and Coco. Out of them all, Drago is my favorite. I am on the hunt for Alli, Bunnie, Lily, Muffy, Pietro, Diana, Eunice, Punchy, and Lucky. One of my friends I met online has Pietro. Every time I go to her island I chat him up. His house looks like a theme park in the clouds. It's super cute!

013 calamity

Social Repose is an independent music powered by Richie Giese. Social Repose was started in 2011. He spent about four years getting set up and making music before he started getting noticed. In the summer of 2016 I had a friend send me a link to his channel, where I found many great covers. I found  his content to be for a much younger audience, but his body of music to be getting stronger. His covers are all amazing, and often improve upon the original songs. After that I jumped on the bandwagon and started getting acquainted with his music.

A few months later I saw him at the White Oak Music Hall, which as anything but. It was a pretty run down show, and I didn't get to see him play when he was at the Viper Room in 2019. I met him during his Yalta tour, a few months before the release of Filthy Pride. Spoken to him one on one a couple of times, and find him easy to relate to. He is very polite to his fans, and happens to be a great conversationalist.

The appeal lies in the unapologetic showcasing of his battle with his inner demons. The heavy strokes of sadness and anxiety give fans an anchor to hold onto when caught in their own trenches. Even if I don't agree with his personal choices, I can detach myself from him as a person and enjoy his music. What he chooses to do or say towards his partners doesn't concern me, so I don't look to dig in there. We owe the people we admire privacy, and it really isn't our place to tell them what to do or how to live their lives.

012 playing card oracles

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Are you looking for a worthwhile or productive way to kill some time? Have you been wanting to dabble with a cool card system that doesn't necessarily delve into the realms of tarot? Are you looking for a reliable way to predict future outcomes?

I am a passionate fan of C.J. Freeman's works. He was a visionary the likes of no other. In the book The Playing Card Oracles: A Source Book for Divination by Ana Cortez, you can find different approaches to take to card reading and divination.

The source book written by Ana Cortez turns anybody who commits to it into a skilled playing card reader with experience in geomancy. It is thorough in detail and offers an abundance of wealth.  It will change your life. (It changed mine.)

She reveals the secrets and stories behind the suits: we are introduced to the courts by name and personal attributes.Research will delight you with discoveries of secrets that have long been hiding in plain sight. With complete meanings and spreads, it all comes together quite nicely. Once you are ready for something more advanced, you will learn the relevance of geomancy when reading with playing cards. You will learn about geomantic figures and casting charts based off the figures you generate. The cherry on top is a selection of essays written by C.J. Freeman to educate you on the history of playing cards. It offers great discoveries he made through his study of cards, and he graciously shares this valuable information with us in the essay.

C.J. Freeman
was Ana Cortez's father, and the visionary that brought his dreams into reality. He illustrated the Alchemy Edition in larder than life oil paintings, and it was ironically painted before the vintage edition of the Playing Card Oracles was. From what Ana Cortez told us in the Underworld courses that used to be available for her students. I have both editions of the deck and sometimes think about making my own. The system is really remarkable and fun to work with. I can't recommend it enough. You can also find Ana Cortez on her Youtube channel and at her official web site. I have spent a lot of time watching Ana's videos. They taught me a lot while I was still learning.

Something I like about this system is that it can be read with any deck of playing cards. I personally wouldn't use one for games as well as divination, but it's possible to do if you want to. It's very cool because playing cards come with all sorts of art, like tarot. You can buy any deck that you like and use it purposefully. It'll make the experience feel more your own. I use some Dondorf decks, and my favorite one when I am not using the Playing Card Oracles vintage edition is Otto Tragy's Art Nouveau playing cards set. Another very beautiful set is Faulkner's Shakespeare playing cards set. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a set of the Shakespeare playing cards yet, but I expect to someday...

No matter which deck you pick up, it's going to be worth it. I promise that you'll get something really great out of it! If you're curious and have the time, head on over and check out the Playing Card Oracles book. I can't recommend it to you enough!

And if you end up reading and you like it, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of it. It would mean very much to me to read your testimonials!

Until then, stay safe and keep your loved ones close. Stay inside, and avoid this terrible virus. Speak soon...

011 pandemonium

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Let's talk.

There's really no easy way to talk about this, but I've got some things to say and I think it's time to pass some opinions forward into the Internet. At the moment there is a newfound virus spreading throughout the globe at the same time as a very stressful presidential primary election. There are scary terms being thrown around such as lock down, martial law, quarantine, social distancing, and sold out grocery stores.

♡ Freeze perishables(fruits and vegetables,) and produce. Cut bread loafs up to freeze as well.
♡ Acquire sources of protein still readily available. Keep an eye out for delivery services and plan them out a week or so in advance to when you project you will find yourself in need of more.
♡ Consider growing some food from home with indoor or outdoor gardening areas. There are many tutorials online to growing food with limited spaces if that is an issue.
♡ Check in on the elders you know and ask them if they need anything.
♡ Take the warnings seriously. Keep up to date with the news and word of mouth information outlets.
♡ Arrange video chat calls, phone calls, or text your loved ones. Keep in touch. Let your friends know you're doing okay.
♡Stay in.

Going forward I think there will be some subtle but still noticeable differences affecting our lifestyle. Random items we have come to see as everyday items may go out of stock for some periods of time or increase in rarity and therefore price.

The mental hurdles I experience lately are great. On one hand I am trying to stay present and quietly making preparations for long term sustenance and survival. On the other hand, I've been concerned and anxious. I haven't been able to stay focused quite as well as I'd like. Last week started with volunteering for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and being able to go anywhere I needed to. Come Wednesday I left in the morning to buy groceries, a trip that was already necessary as I had started to run out of ingredients necessary for my cooking. That day the shelves were still stocked. I only took what was necessary, but I did purchase food for an extra week. I went home thinking we had all we needed for three weeks. Inside myself I was plagued by the questions of whether that would be enough. I went home and froze all my bread (3 loafs), chicken and fish. Eventually I froze cilantro, garlic and onions. It took a lot of time to Tetris it all into the fridge, but I did it.

I think the issue will last 5—7 months. I think that for a year or so there will be random shortages and needs to be met. I think in some cases we will notice setbacks and much less abundance. We'll all be living a bit tightly during this difficult time. Let's hope prices don't skyrocket with inflation...

The election was very stressful for me, I was emotionally invested in the Democratic primaries for the first time ever in my life. I avoided getting involved with politics and voting from the moment I turned of legal age, partly because I didn't feel any of the candidates spoke for me or the kind of progress I wanted to count on in my future. For the most part I have been apathetic to politics my entire life, but this year that changed. The primaries were going on around the time US cities begun the quarantine and shut down public commerce.

While there is foreseeable looming, there will also be new consequences stemming from these events that we haven't yet realized are coming. I think the coronavirus pandemic will be an event that is talked about in the next decade to come. I, myself feel a lot of empathy for all the people aggressively being forced to mourn one to a few members of their family. No matter where you are from you will hear of a friend, co-worker or you, yourself may have the misfortune of having a story of loss to add to the pile. It is important that we hold safe space for these people and listen to them. Comfort them if it feels appropriate, but just let them process their emotions and all the pain that comes with an invisible plague that tears your stability from you. It is an extremely difficult time for some, and they should not have to carry their burdens alone. The least we can do is help when possible by lending an ear for a phone call or investing some time tending to them in live video chat feeds.

As for the future, related things that I think about that I want to share have to do with time passing. I wonder if any of the changes society faces will be more permanent. I wonder what some of the unforeseen changes will be. Will we now more consciously keep sanitation stations in public places? Will we prepare for future possibilities of infection? Will regulations be placed on markets selling rare produce with high risk of contagion? Can people stop eating bats, please?

Growing up I never had the fear of a world war or a catastrophe more serious than a category 5 hurricane. I didn't live through category 6 hurricanes Irma or Maria, so I can't add that to my list of events survived, but I did survive the behemoth hurricane Hugo (September 10, 1989 – September 25, 1989)  and by then the powerhouse that was hurricane Georges (September 15, 1998 – October 1, 1998.) The experiences that I lived in 1998 prepared me for grim times. Since the hurricane made landfall, I didn't have electric or water service for 7 months after the storm. I lived by candle light, took bucket and sponge baths, and spent my nights reading Harry Potter books with a CD player endlessly looping the Marshall Mathers LP. I remember reading Wishbone, Animorphs and Goosebumps books. I wasn't cool back then.

Another thought I've been entertaining is the concept of freedom. When I could go outside and interact with the world, I would occasionally but it wasn't very important. I wasn't limited. Now that I have only the realms contained within the 4 walls of this house to move around in, I feel a little trapped. The irrational—or is it?—fear of food shortage weighs on me, as does the idea that curfews and lock downs may be a common part of my routine in the future. Why do we pay athletes more than scientists? Why don't we give the working class free healthcare? Why are we funding the lifestyles and filling all these extra, unnecessary pockets those billionaires greedily collect? Why don't the people move to take command of their freedom and rights?

I want to be in nature. I want to feel the cool water of the pure river waters of El Yunque.

Grateful all my friends are safe, and my family members are adhering to the rules of social distancing. I miss my friends, and yearn for time spent with them. My heart is with all of you as we go through this at the same time. Let this be a reminder that our life is a spendable resource, and we need to be precious with it if we want the privilege of walking the Earth.

I'm going to end this blog entry with a link to the  www.propublica.org article that I found insightful and serious:
A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients.

Much to say, much time to spend. Invest it wisely and stay safe, friends. Stay away from others.