1 ACE OF WANDS: Distance

Long term events. Distant places. A long journey. Foreign relations. Other cultures. Matters that take a long time to develop. (Examples: studies, projects that are starting and that will give results later.) Foresight and calm. The start of something at work. A phallic symbol. An instrument of pleasure or aggression. Birth. Fire. South.

Astrology: Sun in Aries. Initial triumph.
Numerology: #49 The first, divinity. Knowledge.

RX: Things don't move at all. Travel doesn't happen. Issues or people from the past appear that we do not like.

RX: A happy birth. An unwanted pregnancy.

Astrology: Moon in Aries. Fire that destroys.
Numerology: #49 The matter on the spirit.

2 OF WANDS: Closeness

Beginning of a friendship. Activity related to studies or work. Short trips. Weekend getaway. Conversations with neighbors. Small joys that help us move forward. Seek happiness in the near, not in the far. Flirting. A renewal of a relationship.

Astrology: Aries in Taurus. The first fruits.
Numerology: #2 Doubt.

RX: Great emotions; extraordinary events.

Astrology: Leo in Taurus. Covenant.
Numerology: #50 Second chance.

3 OF WANDS: Brotherhood & Universal Love

Speed. Hurry. Success in your initiatives. Forbidden love. Good school affairs. Alliances. Cooperativeness. Agreements. Lasts a few days or less. Temporary. Energy, intelligence, endurance, physical vigor and emotional stability to achieve. Solid but rocky relationships. Health is excellent.

Astrology: Aries in Gemini. Risk not calculated.
Numerology: #3 Dispersion. Human trinity, body, mind and spirit.

RX: Prestige, calm, success.

Astrology: Moon in Gemini. Diligence, service to the community.=
Numerology: #51 Orthodoxy, prestige.

4 OF WANDS: Resistance

Purely sexual relationships. Very advantageous associations. Passion.

Astrology: Aries in Gemini. Risk not calculated.
Numerology: #4 The matter.

Situations may stagnate and last longer than desired. Abuse.

Astrology: Leo in Cancer.
Numerology: #52 Aspiration and doubt.

5 OF WANDS: Wisdom

Pride, dignity. Illusions, impossible love. Possibility of being the center in our work.Knowledge through study or life experience. A person with good academic background or with a lot of life experience. Health is fine. But on the subject of work, projects should be studied and analyzed.

Astrology: Moon in Leo.
Numerology: #5 Aspiration = man.

RX: Setbacks, disputes. Separation, problems with justice.

Astrology: Leo in Cancer
Numerology: #53 Aspiration within adversity.

6 OF WANDS: Dejection

A situation of depression, sadness and lack of desire to move on. The mood of the client is on the ground and it will be very difficult to get out of this situation if the attitude is not changed. We have to fight against these negative feelings and thoughts. It will be very difficult to progress with any future project because feelings paralyze us.
Problems at work. Doubts in labor matters.

Astrology: Leo in Virgo.
Numerology: #6. Delivery, service.

Patience. Saving. Jealousy.

Astrology: Aries in Virgo.
Numerology: #54 Aspiration of the material.

Health: Therapies such as hypnosis or meditation help to heal our seriously ill soul.

7 OF WANDS: Working World
Good possibilities in the workplace. Sports. Talks. Victory through converations. Possibility of promotion. Walk through the field. Large family. Profits. Gardens.  Lots of options. Things in production. Work in progress.
Astrology: Sagittarius in Libra.
Numerology: #7 Lucky, good or bad.

RX: Quick decisions. Uncertainty. Moonlighting. Something delayed due to verbiage. Negotiations. Everything in which the world intervernes.

Astrology: Aries in Libra.
Numerology: #55 Aspiration of aspiration.

Health: Hemorrhoids. Urinary infections.

8 OF WANDS: Dependency
Walk through the field. Large family. Profits. Gardens.  Lots of options. Things in production. Work in progress.

Astrology: Leo in Scorpio.
Numerology: #8 Infinity, chaos.

RX: Obstinacy, confrontations. Venereal diseases, poor sales.

Astrology: Aries in Scorpio. Spirituality.
Numerology: #56 Rebellion.

Health: Cysts on the ovaries.

9 OF WANDS: Satisfaction
Delays, slowness. Excessive work. Full activities in the professional field. Distant love. Be calm to experience satisfaction.

Astrology: Sun in Sagittarius.
Numerology: #9 9 (the spirit).

RX: Family misfortunes. Mysticism. Slight illness that causes a delay in the plans (although it can be considered that the other way round is not interpreted).

Astrology: Leo in Sagittarius. Mysticism.
Numerology: #57 Aspiration to luck.

Health: Good

10  JACK OF WANDS: Lady of Passion

Simple, hard-working, person. Unknown, foreign person. Spending money impulsively. Gossip. News from outside. A brown or black-haired and dark-skinned woman with an energetic, passionate, impulsive, charismatic, creative and self-confident personality, perhaps of the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign. Noble ideas, affectionate, proud.

Astrology: Sagittarius in Capricorn. Ascension.
Numerology: #10 Human who desires the divine.

RX: Traps, setbacks. Jealousy. Competitiveness. Temperamental.

Astrology: Leo in Capricorn. Indiscipline.
Numerology: #58 Aspiration to chaos.

Health: Descaling.


A stranger. A man who travels. Change in work activities, work, studies, sports. A takeoff. Travel for work. Escape from an unpleasant situation.

Man under 35 years old belonging to a Fire sign: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. A dark-skinned, dark-haired man with an athletic body. Affectionate and proud. Charisma and leadership.

Astrology: Sagittarius in Aquarius.
Numerology: #11th Magic.

RX: Obstacles when making changes. Uncomfortable travel.

Astrology: Leo in Aquarius.
Numerology: #59 Aspiration to the spirit.

Health: Good

12 KING OF WANDS: Lord of Experience

A person with lots of experience, enterprising, energetic, charismatic with leadership skills. Self assurance. Dissatisfied with work.
Adult man over 35 years old, belonging to a Fire sign: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius
worker, something rustic, with a great sense of responsibility. Always favorable. A foreigner.

Astrology: Aries in Pisces.
Numerology: #12 Questioning of the man.

RX: Person who hinders our labor relations. Tips that you are interested in following.

Astrology: Leo in Pisces.
Numerology: #60 (at the service of nothing).

Health: Drop, varicose veins

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