Security, abundance, physical pleasure, wealth. A gift. Income.
An excellent business opportunity. The promise of prosperity in the future. Burst of creativity in a craft.

RX: Difficulty or arguments around money. Dissatisfaction with simple security. Putting money and material possessions over spirituality, emotions or relationships.

Keeping lots of things on the go at once. Juggling activities, tasks or responsibilities. Multi-tasking and making it look easy. A busy or hectic time.

RX: An odd stranger appears in your life. Collecting for the love of collecting. Chaos and clutter.

Hard work, mastery, cooperation, success. A master craftsperson. Being recognized for your achievements. Attaining high level of skill. Producing a masterpiece. Working together. Learning a very useful skill, at a high level. Reaching the peak of artisanship in your chosen craft or skill.

RX: Putting your own need to achieve above all other considerations. Refusing to take responsibility for what you produce. A lack of ethics in your work. A desire for fame and recognition that leads to a callous and uncaring attitude. Mediocrity. Failure to do the best possible.

Achievement. Realization of goals. Worrying too much about material possessions. Being controlling, possessive or territorial. Unyielding, preferring to be ignorant. A tendency to miserliness.

RX: Falling on hard times. Financial or material troubles. Love prevails, even though there are many practical worries in life. Failing to ask for practical help, though it's available.

Feeling left out. Despair, loss, hardships. Abandonment, neglected health, poverty, living poorly. Loss of money. Financial or material troubles. Failing to ask for help, though it's available.  Possible illness.

RX: Letting things go, lack of concern for material things, possibly a need for more structure in life. Getting your priorities wrong at a difficult time. Forgetting to care for those around you. Taking action to better your situation.

Sharing. People helping each other, particularly against physical limitations. Receiving or giving help.
Charity, both give and take. Generosity brings its own rewards. True benevolence does not expect thanks. Charitable institutions.

RX: Doing things alone. People holding back from each other. Possibly inequalities between people. Charity that comes with strings attached. A caring act that is for selfish means.

Production, material success. Immersing yourself in your work. Making plans for the future. Reviewing what you have achieved. Considering options. What's next? Building on your achievements. A pause while you assess your situation. Using novel strategies.

RX: Holding back from committing to something. Hard work, but without satisfaction.

A busy time. Heavy production in progress. Learning through doing. Dedication. Hard at work. Self-expression, honesty, confrontation with harsh or disturbing issues, a process of creating a meaningful life. Artisanship, though not yet in a state of mastery. About 80% finished.

RX: Skills applied for a nefarious purpose. Making the same things again and again. Wanting to achieve a reputation for a skill, no matter what it takes. Beauty, perfection, especially in work. Possibly shallowness.

Money spent freely. Lots of money being made. Achieving financial and material security. Being independent. Being unattached to possessions. May mean messages.  Self-reliance, especially in a woman. A refined lifestyle. Luxury. Pleasure. Enjoying the fruit of success.

RX: Excess. Holding onto money. Being careful. Concern for the future. Wealth that came by dubious means. Being proud and arrogant about the material comfort you have achieved. Using your money and position selfishly, without regard to others.

Wealth, security. Sometimes family or inheritance.

RX: Going beyond what you have, looking for new beginnings, or new adventures in life.

A student, somebody who is in the beginning stages of learning a new craft. An apprentice. The idea of study. Practical skills. Someone a little old an serious for their age.

RX: Someone whimsical, easily distracted. Getting too obsessed with practicalities, taking no time out to dream. Getting drawn into a repetitive, compulsive behavior. A young person who tends to hoard and save.

Following a routine dutifully. Doggedly hard-working. Reliable and trustworthy, though lacking imagination. Total dedication to a cause, especially when the cause is impossible or lost. Someone fighting on against enemies or a sequence of bad luck. Tremendous practical ability to get things done as long as creativity is not needed.

RX: Stubbornness. Lack of progress.Compromise, the ability to look at situations more realistically. Going around in circles. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Feeling stuck, unable to move on. Being dull. Time never coming to pass. Being stuck doing the same thing every day.

A mother. A full-bodied woman whose presence is obvious. Dressed extravagantly, sporting something expensive or attention-calling. Someone intense and silent, involved with her or his own concerns. A rich woman of influence.

RX: Sociability, expression. A need for activities involving others. A self-entitled, controlling person you are close to. Somebody who smothers. Mothers who can't comprehend personal boundaries.


A hardworking head of house. A person of importance and substance. Somebody famous or successful. Someone calm and laid back, with deep practical understanding. Will say it with $ rather than with a hug. The provider. Sensible, efficient and slightly full. Looking at the facts and figures, like accountants do. A good manager of finances and practical matters.

RX: A shakeup in terms of money or work. Financial woes, greed, corruption. The desire for adventure or stimulation.

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0, I-XXI

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