Home. Beginning of romantic relationship. Luck in romantic subjects. Feasts. Gastronomy In regards to work, we will be doing it as a family. Also the professional field will benefit from successful partnerships.

Astrology: Sun in Cancer. Creation.
Numerology: #25 Tthe doubt before the aspiration.

RX: Not recommended environment. Removals, change of residence or transfer of business.

Astrology: Moon in Cancer. Magnetism.
Numerology: #73 Magnetic number; everything attracts it.

Health: Dropsy.

2 OF CUPS: In Bloom

Resumption of a relationship. Good prospects on a love level. Selfless friendship. Relationships that can range from simply friendly to spectacularly steamy.

Astrology: Cancer in Taurus. Love.
Numerology: #26 The doubt before the service.

RX: Obstacles in the love field. Polyamory. Refusing to settle down with just one person.

Astrology: Scorpio in Taurus. Sex.
Numerology: #74 Fortune looking for the matter.

Health: Cardiac weakness. Color blindness.

3 OF CUPS: Messages
Unexpected news. Effective solution. Prestige. Filial or maternal love. The cleanest love, the love between parents and children. Can be a relative.

Astrology: Pisces in Gemini. Intelligence and sensitivity.
Numerology: #27 Ties that bind fortune.

RX: Romantic conflicts. Delays in success.

Scorpio in Gemini. Temptation.
Numerology: #75 The fortune or the fatality spills on the man.

4 OF CUPS: Instincts

Sex. Sentimental commitments with several people. Intrigues. Lack of clarity in couple relationships. An open house, public building or shop. Our wild side and complexes. Frivolity, sexual adventures.

Astrology: Cancer in Pisces. Emotional complicity.
Numerology: #28 The doubt before the infinite.

RX: Escape from romantic  commitments. Problems with the reproductive system or while having sex. Sexual illness.

Cancer in Scorpio. Fascination.
Numerology: #76 Intuition influencing matter.

Health: Ulcers. Need for Sun. Rickets.

5 OF CUPS: Celebration

Heritage. Donation. You resign. Incomplete loves. Family mediation. Presents. Extra earnings. Crying for lost love. Heartbreak. Something remains. If the card is near a Jack, Knightorse or King - symbolizing the client - this will be the center of attention and will receive recognition by all.

Astrology: Cancer in Leo. Emotivity.
Numerology: #29 doubts about spirituality.

RX: Family. Affections.

Pisces in Leo. Selfishness.
Numerology: #77 the selfishness of fortune.

Health: Diabetes.

6 OF CUPS: Melancholy

Old affectionate relationship. Possible encounters with people you already know. It alludes to the past and its current influence. Our memories or our childhood. Something old. Sadness that is difficult to move on from.

Astrology: Cancer in Virgo. Limitation of the family.
Numerology: #30 The human trinity before nothing.

RX: Stopped sentimental projects. Sadness is caused by bad memories or past experiences, fears or other emotional problems, and negative thoughts. Being unable to get over something. Obsessing over a stage of life that is over.

Astrology: Pisces in Virgo. Love and jealousy.
Numerology: #78 Fortune in the face of chaos.

Health: Intestinal laziness.

7 OF CUPS: Fullness.
What you think. Your imagination. Happy stage. Dreams. Utopias. Celebrations. Joys that are ephemeral or temporary. Can be idealized. Reunions. Deepest wishes will be fulfilled. We have probably worked hard to ensure that they are met and we can finally reap the rewards of our efforts.
The consultant may experience rewards at work or find a job if they don't have one. It feels full of vitality and health.

Astrology: Pisces in Libra.The mystery of the interior.
Numerology: #31 The human trinity before the enigma.

RX: Castles in the air. Danger of falling into fantasies.

: Scorpio in Libra. Reality.
Numerology: #79 Fortune and fatality of the spirit.

8 OF CUPS: Positive Influence.

Important sentimental relationship. Blonde girl with whom a lasting relationship begins. The occult. Expanding our horizons. New friendships will enable us to work. Adopting a child. A beneficial friendship.

Astrology: Sun in Scorpio. Occult Sciences.
Numerology: #32 Human trinity before duality.

RX: Abandonment of goals due to sentimental coercion. Love dependencies.

Astrology: Mars in Scorpio. Deception.
Numerology: #80 Chaos before nothing.

Health: Priapism, poisoning.

9 OF CUPS: Detachment, Surrender.

Abundance, friendships. Health and luck. An altruistic person who gives himself to others without his own interests. This person gives himself to a cause without having financial motivation. Everything we sow sooner or later comes back to us. If we want to find love, we must first give love. If we help other people, we will receive help when we need it. If the spread is about love, it indicates a relationship with no other interests than love. At work, beneficial work or donations may be made.

Astrology: Cancer in Sagittarius. Delivery.
Numerology: #33 Reciprocated intention.

RX: Love projects based on false illusions.

Astrology: Pisces in Sagittarius. Misunderstanding in sacrifice.
Numerology: #81 The chaos before the divinity.

Health: Overall good health.

10 OF CUPS: Romantic Lady.

Loving, dreamy, idealistic and friendly person. Can have psychic ability that has not yet fully developed. Someone who is just starting out their spiritual journey, or who is inexperienced. A woman with a pale complexion, beautiful features, deep eyes, usually light, and copper hair. May be of the sign Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Her character is romantic, sensitive, dreamy, loving, creative and would do anything for a dream.
If the consultant, even if it is a male, has these characteristics, it is likely that it represents him / her.
In terms of money, she will always have enough to be such a kind and excited person; the same applies to work where it stands out for its creativity. In runs about love, it indicates that this person needs love to live and that she cannot be without a partner or without feeling loved. It is also related to alternative medicine and illnesses caused by emotions.

Astrology: Cancer in Capricorn. Opposition.
Numerology: #34 Trinity in the matter.

RX: Weak, dependent person. Depressive.

Astrology: Scorpio in Capricorn. Rebellion against discipline.
Numerology: #82 The chaos before the doubt.

Health: Myopia, rheumatism.


Change in the sentimental field. Nice trip.
Desires to leave the family environment. Need to urgently change jobs, houses or loves. A man with light complexion, liquid eyes and light brown hair. His character is dreamy and romantic and he has high ideals for which he fights without material ambitions. Can be a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. He is a messenger who brings us a favorable sentimental change. May have a gift for healing.

The kings signify the mental state of the querent.

Astrology: Pisces in Aquarius. Sensitivity that dominates reason.
Numerology: #35 Chaos breaks.

RX: Difficulty in attempts at sentimental evolution of the consultant Difficult childbirth. Economic dependence. Desires to be widowed.

Astrology: Cancer in Aquarius. Feeling that faces reason.
Numerology: #83 Chaos before the human trinity.

Health: Myopia, rheumatism.

12 KING OF CUPS: Lord of Dreams
Friendly. Dreamy, idealistic, weak. Easily influenced. Moved by music and other emotive arts.
Honest and respectable person. Probable wedding.The King of Cups is a mature man who can belong to a Water sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It is the prototype of the husband. He is the man of the house, be it the father or a brother, or a relative who acts as such.

Astrology: Sun in Pisces. Generosity.
Numerology:  #36 Diversification of the spirit.

RX: Physical and emotional dependencies. Emotional outburst. Dishonest person. Depressed and suicidal person. Somebody out of touch with reality, focusing on their emotions to derive logic. Not having a good handle on your emotions.

Astrology: Pisces in Scorpio. The feeling against sex.
Numerology: #84 Chaos before matter.

Health: Hand and foot problems.

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