1 ACE OF SWORDS: Legal Issues

Writing, text message, chatting, letter, phone call, etc. Important triumph or failure. a firm decision to be made regarding a situation. It is the root of the element Air: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Season of Autumn. East.

Astrology: Sun in Gemini. Persuasion of speech.
Numerology: #13 Perfection.

RX: Cutting away. Loss. No longer speaking. Mental or health issues. Be careful not to be a victim of a scam. Problems with bureaucracy and contracts are very likely.

Astrology: Gemini in Taurus.
Numerology: #61 Greater humility = greater pride.

2 TWO OF SWORDS: Surprise

Partners. Doubts, difficulties. Mild health problems. `Can mean night time. An enemy or a friend in the shade. We will always refer with this letter to a dark duality. Enmity of acquaintances who, suddenly appearing, bring us consequences in unexpected situations.

Astrology: Mercury in Gemini. Communication.
Numerology: #14 Divinity serving matter.

RX: Fake friends. Deception, treason.deception, someone with two faces who will try to hurt us for revenge.

Astrology: Mars in Gemini.
Numerology: #62 Doubts in communication.

Health: Tonsillitis. Foot and ankle problems.

3 OF SWORDS: Long-Term Events

Sadness, worry, crying. Mourning a loss. Sickness expenses. Prone to conflict or getting in trouble. A negative state of mind. Somebody dear to us departs. Fear. Painful distancing from somebody we love very much.

Astrology: Black Moon in Gemini. Solitude, reincarnation.
Numerology:# 15th Destiny over man.

RX: Being unwilling to let a connection go. Resentment. Wanting to get revenge. Paranoia. Feeling self-conscious, or uncomfortable around others.

Astrology: Saturn in Gemini.
Numerology: #63 Reconciliation.

Health: Leg problems.

4 OF SWORDS: Poor Health

Family problems. Distance from somebody you are usually close to. Fatigue; need for rest. Possible illness. Loneliness. Hospital or pain bed.
Deception, intrigue, difficulties, scams and discussions that should be avoided. Suffering of a disease that will lead to isolation, loneliness and retirement. A forced exile; sometimes it symbolizes desert and death.

Astrology: Gemini in Cancer. Harmony.
Numerology: #16 The aspiration of the divine.

A great inner strength, accompanied by tranquility of spirit and clarity of thoughts to get ahead gracefully and face the future.

Astrology: Aquarius in Cancer.
Numerology: #64 Spiritual spark in matter.

Health: Genital problems.

5 OF SWORDS: Separations & Changes

Problems. Threats. Obstacles. Concerns and regrets. Significant displeasure or strong confrontation.
Someone is trying to steal something from you: your time, partner, resources, etc.
The act of stealing, regardless of who does it. If it is someone else, it means that something is taken from you. The danger of falling defeated with infamy and dishonor. Try to control your thoughts and impulses.
Astrology: Gemini in Leo.
Numerology: #17 Fortune nesting in hearts.

RX: Definitive loss. Unfavorable will.
Desolation, misfortunes and possible mourning.

Astrology: Libra in Leo.
Numerology: #65 Balance exceeds human capacity.

Health: Hip problems, kidneys.

6 OF SWORDS: Weakness & Ailments

In time. In the future. A trip. Distance. Chronic diseases. Travel with setbacks. A perilous road. Bindings. Hinders sentimental unions. Imminent journey. Starting over after a tough period. Travel crossing oceans. Temporary impossibility of carrying out a lasting and stable romantic relationship. Patience is recommended.

Astrology: Gemini in Libra: Discovery.
Numerology: #18 lllumination in chaos.

RX: Statement. A letter will come to you. Official paperwork that takes time to arrive. Communications with government. Legal action.

Astrology: Aquarius in Virgo. Repetition.
Numerology: #66 Repetition.

Health: Back, stomach problems.

7 OF SWORDS: Short-Term Events

An interruption. A blockage. Acceptance of an unfavorable situation. Serious illness. Alternatively, income of some money. A hopeful promise of better days ahead. Not having necessary control of reason over emotions when solving problems.

Astrology: Sun in Libra. Balance.
Numerology: #19 Divinity and understanding of justice.

RX Prevents the correct control of reason over emotions. Trying to swim upstream on your own terms. Listen to the advice of your friends.

Astrology: Gemini in Libra. Stubbornness in mistakes.
Numerology: #67 Service of fortune, good or bad.

Health: Respiratory problems.

8 OF SWORDS: Traps

Despair. Major obstacles. Feeling trapped. Inability to get out of a situation by yourself.
Obstacles very difficult to overcome. Inclination to vices.Dependencies. Gossip. As swords increase, pain increases. Being hospitalized. Prison.

Astrology: Gemini in Scorpio. Defeat.
Numerology: #20 Doubt before nothing.

RX: Drugs. Getting locked up.
Physical or psychological dependencies.

Astrology: Libra in Scorpio. Sexuality.
Numerology: #68 At the service of chaos.

Health: Throat, nose and ear diseases Also mouth and teeth.

9 OF SWORDS: Events Turn for the Worse
Insurmountable obstacle. Hopelessness. Ruinous state in any situation. Suffering. Religious trends. Funeral. Divorce.

Astrology: Libra in Sagittarius. Balance in justice.
Numerology: #21 Doubt as the basis of all knowledge.

RX: Suspicion, shyness. Contracting a disease. Addiction problems. Poisoning.

Astrology: Gemini in Sagittarius. Religion.
Numerology: #69 Serve religion.

Health: Anemia. Mental diseases.

10 JACK OF SWORDS: Lady of Thought
Enemy. Person who represents the familiar, the just or the enemy. Friend or enemy that controls you. Aggressive, determined character. A
dark-haired, dark-haired, mulatto or black woman, generally young, very firm in her posture and arrogant in her gesture of taking the sword. A person who is aware of you, for better or for worse. The agile person of thought or person who habitually fights alone. An invaluable companion for the contentment she is always willing to give and the clarity of her advice.
Astrology: Gemini in Capricorn. Earliness.
Numerology: #22 The double doubt.

RX: Deliberate enemy. Unexpected news.
Announces any kind of unforeseen events and surprises, including significant financial gains.

Astrology: Libra in Capricorn. Balance in discipline.
Numerology: #70 Fortune before nothing.

11 KNIGHT OF SWORDS: Knight of Ideas

Impulsiveness. Risks. War. Fights and confrontations, both professional and sentimental. The impulsive lover. Strength, courage, endurance and sometimes also destruction. Defender of just causes. A young man carrying weapons. A surgeon. By referral, a doctor. Speed. Bad news, received as a message or coming from a woman's hand. Observe new friends.

Man belonging to an Air sign: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, under 35 years of age.

Astrology: Sun in Aquarius. Me against everyone.
Numerology: #23 Doubt that aspires to the human trinity.

RX: Frustrated trip. I try to break a situation.

Astrology: Libra-Gemini-Aquarius.
Numerology: #71 Fortune at the service of oneself.

12 KING OF SWORDS: Lord of Initiative

A thinker. Very serious.
Man representing authority. Lawsuit. Judge. Military man. Militant attitude. Independent person. Could be a widower. Great intelligence and firm character. Problems with justice, administrative legal papers. A mature man of an Air sign: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Dark brown or black hair, somewhat graying. Pale skin.

Astrology: Aquarius in Pisces. Intelligence, humanitarianism.
Numerology: #24 The doubt before the matter.

RX: Dictator. Powerful person who interferes with your family life or professional. Somebody cruel, who enjoys the effects his behavior has on others. Torture. Disrespect. Indifference.
Loneliness, illness or separation for someone who has known happiness and is going through a stage in decline.

Astrology: Gemini in Pisces. Naivety and sensitivity.
Numerology: #72 Good and bad fortune when in doubt.

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