About Gloom

Available for freelance and hire.

Please call me Gloom. I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer. While digital mediums are convenient, my true passion lies in paper. Hand me art materials and I can use them to bind books, creare pop-up illustrations you can interact with, and if you give me enough time I can paint you a really nice acrylic portrait.

I think best on paper. Whenever I'm working out where something will go, individual elements, color story, composition, values, I will have notes written about it in my notebook or sketchbook. In between projects I study the software to refresh my knowledge or learn update news on the tools and I also take copious notes on that.

My career started at Ringling College of Art + Design. I enjoyed a blast of an internship at the Ringling College Design Center, and met all the artists that I admire today. They have all moved on to become outstanding artists working at Pixar, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Disney Animation Studios, and Nickelodeon Studios. The Ringling College community is made up of incredible talent and passion. That is a quality we all jealously preserve. I think my greatest joy is seeing my artwork on billboards and television. Whenever I travel and I see my work living its best life I feel accomplished as a graphic designer.

I am a creative dreamer and certified Graphic + Interactive Designer. I attended from 2006 - 2010 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I designed the Commencement collateral for my graduation year and was honored to have interned at the Ringling College Design Center to achieve it. That project went on to win a silver Addy award.

During my college career I found I had an affinity for paper, logo work and branding. I had experience with all other facets of Graphic Design and Illustration, but as it turns out. branding is something I am very passionate about. I am interested in pursuing a career focused on branding and digital illustration. I am also happy to make hand-drawn concepts for 3-D paper stationary and templates.

In 2011 my life took a great turning point. At the time I was making creative work and branding for a public figure in Puerto Rico known as La Gitana Patricia. She goes live on television and radio shows, owns a divination and healing center that is an empire in the caribbean. She graciously jump started my career with design projects, and she also mentored me in the divinatory arts. We collaborated creatively for many years. Projects ranged from press articles and adverts, logo, packaging, billboards, and illustration. We are still good friends.

My career as a psychic has gone 10+ years strong and brought much personal reward for taking the risk.

My journey as a diviner started twenty years ago. I was in 8th grade back in the autumn of 2000, and I felt called to learn when I found a tarot deck that belonged to a friend on the table I sat at in the same course I decided which college I would go to. Coincidences aplenty, but for me certainly a meaningful turning point in my life. The first deck of cards I ever owned was the Faeries' Oracle illustrated by Brian Froud. The deck was originally published on October 31st, 2000. I purchased it not long after that by a recommendation. I think it was the only deck I had for six years.

I sat through dinner with a storm of curiosity and anticipation funneling all my thoughts towards how I would handle them, curiosity over what the book would say, curiosity about how it would impact my life, but in the end also wondering how it would come to influence me as a person. I knew it was a big moment for me and I promise it felt like such when I first opened the box and wrote my name inside of it and the book. I made it my own, and then with the self control of a saint I read the book instead of going over the cards. Until the book said to look through the cards... at which point I combed through the entire deck to find cards I resonated with or felt drawn to.

I remember the first exercise to be that I'd pile cards that looked similar together, and I'd try to group them according to how I thought they related to one another. Then I picked my very first signifier card, and the rest is history.

Mastering the tarot took much longer. That journey didn't start until the winter of 2006. I had found what was then known as the Aeclectic Tarot forum. Signed up, got started meeting others who were also passionate about it. Combing through their archives of decks available I came across the deck of all tarot decks for me. The Vertigo Tarot by Dave McKean became a deck I knew I absolutely had to have. I obsessed over it for months, printing out all the cards and pinning them in  a cork board for me to admire. Call it a fateful day, it was at the tail end of my first semester. I was studying for a final early in the afternoon with a cup of tea that was absolutely too hot for me. I took it to class with me to let it cool, then I went to the bookstore to sell my textbooks back. I was eyeing the art books when a gilded glimmer caught my eye. I recognized the logo immediately. The Vertigo Tarot had been reprinted and was in that campus bookstore. I sold my books and bought the deck, then ran home to open the box as fast as I could. My heart was racing, I was taking the pouch out for the first time and screaming internally. It was finally before me, and it was right for me. I looked through all the cards eagerly, and since then that deck went wherever I went. I have been a certified professional for ten years, and since then my reading style has changed quite a bit.

My life's work includes helping others chart out a plan to overcome their own obstacles. I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to helping others, and do so with gusto! It is rewarding to witness first hand how people process and identify their inner strength, and then seeing where they choose to take it from there. Results are often inspiring.

For twenty years I have been weaving peoples' stories together.

Experienced with:
Tarot card reading
Lenormand card reading
Playing card reading
Sybilla card reading
Candle magic