About Gloom

Please call me Gloom. I haunt a house in Beverly Hills, CA.

Now available for freelance or hire.

 I am a creative dreamer and certified Graphic + Interactive Designer. My BFA is from Ringling College of Art + Design, which I attended from 2006 - 2010. I designed the Commencement collateral for my graduation year and was honored to have interned at the Ringling College Design Center to achieve it. That project went on to win a silver Addy award.

During my college career I found I had an affinity for paper, logo work and branding. I had experience with all other facets of Graphic Design and Illustration, but as it turns out. branding is something I am very passionate about. I am interested in pursuing a career focused on branding and digital illustration. I am also happy to make hand-drawn concepts for 3-D paper stationary and templates. If you need creative work done, please don't hesitate to visit the contact me page.

Committed to visual problem-solving. An endorser of being practical but still adding a layer of thoughtfulness behind the design. Also available for artistic collaboration with other designers, illustrators and motionographers.

I feel most purposeful when I am working towards creating a body of design and illustration work. It is a delight to lighten the lives of others with carefully crafted greeting cards, pet portraits and personal logos.

Music is something I am immensely passionate about. It is a tool through which I process thoughts and emotions. I am one of those lucky people that experiences synesthesia. I used to think of music as sound, shapes and color. Through music I can see life and experience it in its full spectrum. It rewards me with a euphoric, mellow, or romantic experience depending on my mindset and intention at the time. Music is one of the best delights life has to offer. Through this online journal I will talk about the music I resonate with and the artists I admire.

This blog also intends to touch up on subjects surrounding living an underground or alternative lifestyle.  I don't live a conventional life by any means and I have many adventures that I consider to be quite special. A selection of those adventures will be shared on this blog. I hope you enjoy peering into my personal viewfinder.

Simple pleasures often go the furthest. My hobbies include writing, drawing and diarykeeping, reading blogs, reading tarot, listening to music, dancing in the dark shroud of Cloak & Dagger, and spending time with my three boyfriends: Chris and the cats. On our downtime you can find us listening to music, playing games and collaborating in different creative projects.

The path I currently tread is one I inherited. My life's work includes helping others chart out a plan to overcome their own obstacles. I have dedicated the last eight years of my life to helping others, and do so with gusto! It is rewarding to witness first hand how people process and identify their inner strength, and then seeing where they choose to take it from there. Results are often inspiring.

For twenty years I have been weaving peoples' stories together. I help my clients figure out what their options are, and why their lives are on their current course. I delight in the act of reading cards to predict future outcomes and dedicate time to deliver an integral reading with a bit.I am here to help you, to show you options through which your life will change. I've studied tarot for 20 years now.

Are you curious to find out what it is going to say?

Experienced with:
Tarot card reading
Lenormand card reading
Playing card reading
Sybilla card reading
Candle magick

Journals are quiet forests to immerse yourself in mist and shadow. You can laugh, shriek, wail, dance, and dream inside them. They are the quiet friend that holds your hand and listens.They are an extension of your mind, similar to a sketchbook or day planner.

Writing in a journal is where I achieve organization of my thoughts. Taking the time to reflect and explain how I feel puts me in perspective of where I stand and what I face. This is where I learn about my life and solve my problems. I possess an anthology of my life, reminding me that I owe it to myself to push forward so that I can overcome myself. It is a journey that reminds me the only way forward is to learn and grow from my mistakes.