Major Arcana

0 The Fool: Trusting in fate and fortune.

Beginnings, spontaneity, adventure, faith, apparent folly. Acting on impulse. Free spirit.
Upright: A journey just embarked. Wildness, taking risks. Having the curious nature of a child. Some kind of leap of faith. Resisting authority. Following your own path. Proceeding forward, even though you will confront your deepest fears and weaknesses. Gaining wisdom through experience.

Take a trip to unknown places. Trust the process. Everywhere and nowhere. Easy come, easy go.

The world is yours, but if you try to take possession of it, you will lose it. Restrictions are there to be jumped over. Live without care and be in the moment. You can rely on your instinct.

RX: Hesitancy, caution. Difficulty trusting your own instincts. There is a price we must pay for placing our freedom above all other values.

Refusing to take responsibility. Going your one way regardless of others. Doing something that is risky to others, not just yourself. Now is not the time for impulsive action. Ask for advice.

I The Magician: Magic at your command.
Action, conscious awareness, concentration power.
Power, knowledge, creativity. A sense of life as magical, when everything goes right. Creating something from nothing with our tools, intellect and intuition.

RX: Weakness. Suppressed energy.  The need to use power responsibly. Acquiring the ability to do anything but there are risks attached.

II The High Priestess
Stillness, wisdom. Intuition without harness. A sense of knowing things which can not be explained in normal terms. Passive energy, with more going on beneath the surface than you know. Keeping secrets. seeing through the veil. The weight of responsibility.

RX: A change from stillness to action. Defending or seeking out what is rightfully yours. A belief system that isn't institutionalized or formalized. A spiritual worker that has a hard time connecting to normal people because of all experiences lived, and consciousness ascended.

III The Empress
Abundance. Nature. Nourishing life. Expressing tenderness. Working with children.
Passion, sensuality, desire, motherhood, nurturing. Leadership. Beauty,  Comfort. Creativity.

Female passion in all of its aspects: sexuality, fertility, motherhood.

RX: Detachment, emotional distance. Thinking something through. Being overbearing. Being controlling. Creative block. Infertility.

IV The Emperor
Structure, authority, regulation.
Law, order. Fatherhood. Male ruler.

RX: Whatever undermines law and order. Discovering who is pulling the strings.

V The Hierophant

Teachings, traditional ideas. Wisdom. Gaining wisdom or knowledge from dreams.
Spiritual guidance and authority. Tradition is necessary at times.
Revealing outer truths. Legal rules and legislations.

RX: Weakness. Intolerance. Dated beliefs. Unorthodoxy. Following your own path.

VI The Lovers
Making important choices, often between two people. Communication between two. Connection.
Relationship, sexuality, physical love, personal beliefs, relationship values.

The merging of opposites. Forming union or marriage. Acknowledging kinship, sympathizing with another. Being swept off your feet by sheer intensity of feeling. Teamwork. Active passion.

RX: Sexual interest disguised as love. Seduction purely for selfish reasons. Knowing deep down the object of your affection is not good for you. Indecision. Loss of trust. Deception.

VII The Chariot
Knowing where you are going. Unstoppable drive. Self-assertion. Journey. Trip.
Will. Great force of character. Success. Power. Sometimes victory. It culminates the first group of seven cards. The power of will.

RX: Weakening will. Doubt. Openness to sharing, or working with others. Conflict.

VIII Strength
Strength. Patience, compassion, soft control. Knowing you can endure. Taking heart despite setbacks. Bravery. Fortitude.
Courage, determination. Self-discipline. Dealing calmly with frustration. Taming your own rage and anger.

RX: Lack of faith. Being driven by impulses. Forcing others to bend to your will. Abusing your power.

IX The Hermit
Introspection, searching, guidance, time.
Looking for answers within. Quiet contemplation detached from source of influence.

RX: Becoming more active in the world. Becoming more involved with others. Being rejected and isolated by society. Occult practice undertaken alone. Calling someone to the dark side. Losing touch with reality.

X Wheel of Fortune
The ups and downs of fate and fortune. Role of luck. An unpredictable event. Destiny. Cycles of change.
Turning point. Events taking place of their own accord, without conscious control. Change of circumstances.

RX: Taking hold of your destiny. Discovering the causes behind events. Trying to use occult or "forbidden means" to influence your future. Feeling doomed to bad luck. Feeling you are not in control of your circumstances. Resistance to change. Unexpected interruptions.

XI Justice
Honesty, especially the honesty to look at yourself. A passion for justice. A fair outcome, especially in a legal issue. Balance through logic and fairness. Responsibility. Correcting wrongs.

RX: Dishonesty, especially with yourself. An unfair outcome or situation. Corruption. Vengeance disguised as justice. Cruel judgment.

XII The Hanged Man
Reversing the values most people live by, seeking strength and justice rather than personal profit or power. Alternative lifestyle that most wouldn't understand. Enlightenment.

New perspective of the world around and within. Letting go of ego. Seeing past limitations. A deep attachment to what matters most to a person. Reversal of normal values. Following your own beliefs.

Becoming open to new perspectives you were previously opposed to because of changing time and circumstance. When you move forward, let it be with a renewed sense of spirit.

RX: Listening to other people or social pressure rather than your own values. An unwise sacrifice. Confusion, unable to understand what is going on around you. To move forward, change must be accepted.

XIII Death
Release from old patterns. The end of something that has become burdensome or meaningless. Final closure of an important part of your life. A difficult transition that will shake you to the core. Crossing into a new phase of life.

RX: Holding onto something even when you know it's finished. Fear of change. Wanting it to remain the same forever. Unwillingness to let go.

XIV Temperance
Moderation. Self-control. Calmness. Containment. Alchemy.

RX: Excess. Losing all awareness of self through extreme action or emotion. Appearing to compromise but really pursuing your own.

XV The Devil
Struggles with oppression. Dark feelings or desires. Sex. Vice. Hedonism. Temptation. Giving in to bad behavior. Greed. Egoism. Bondage. Materialism.

RX: Addictions and compulsions. Acting against your better judgment.

XVI The Tower
Painful or destructive experience. Violence. Breakthrough. Orgasm. Sudden change. Having routine shaken up. Chaos. Clash or conflict that is overwhelming.

RX: Experience is not as extreme, but also not as liberating. Terror and panic. Feeling things have gone out of control. A violent event that changes your life.

XVII The Star
Loneliness. Selflessness and sacrifice. Outpouring of feelings. Hope. Inspiration. Networking. Knowing you'll get there even though you don't know how. Trust in fate.

True vulnerability. Trusting somebody with the real you in hopes to be understood and accepted. Working through a painful period after which your life is surely to change for the better or more positive. A humble start in which a solitary person gains courage to go out into the world and define their identity by the sides of themselves they choose to expose.

Time taken to heal after a grave loss or big tumultuous chapter has ended.

RX: Negativity, holding back emotions. Giving too much, without it being earned. Being taken for granted. Promise of hope when circumstances seem bleak. A moment of peace during a difficult time.

XVIII The Moon
Intuition without harness. Instinct. Menstruation. Moon cycles. Magic, enchantment, mystery. Spells and illusions. Releasing inner demons. Wildness, mysterious and primal.

RX: Madness. Being out of touch with reality. Mental disturbance. Hidden factors in a situation. Nightmares. Feeling haunted or cursed. Being overcome by anxiety. Resisting our own instincts. Feeling disturbed by our emotions or fantasies.

XIX The Sun
Ego. The self. Happiness. Success. Retirement. Achievements that heighten feelings. Days worth celebrating. Innocence.

RX: Slight struggle despite being happy. Self-absorption. Selfishness. Being unable to see out past yourself. Immaturity. Children. Narcissism.

XX Judgment
Call to action. Purposefulness. Forgiveness. Awakening. Celebration. Promotion. Leaving past mistakes behind to start anew. New beginning.

RX: The past returns. Loss. Ill health. Blocks in progress. Anger at circumstances changing. A forced move or emigration that isn't desired. Being forced to start anew despite reservations. Hopeless attempt to fight the inevitable. Resisting the knowledge something has changed.

XXI The World
Travel; local or international. Accomplishment. The Internet. Achieving your life's goal. Graduation.
Reaching the completion of a long venture or project. A turning point such as a student graduating into a professional. Being seen as a master or professional. Enjoying the rewards of long-drawn efforts. Being independent and detached from the mundane. Owning few material belongings.

Alternatively, entering portals.

RX: Thinking you are above others. Something not coming to pass. Reaching a satisfying state, but still feeling something is missing. The realization that you have failed, and the feelings that come with that mindset.

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