Gathering Magic Tarot

I'm a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering. My guild is the Orzhov Syndicate, and the deck I play is one of my own design. I started playing MTG in the autumn of 2017. It was early in October that I was introduced to the game, and the feverish love it contaminated me with has fueled my motivation to make a tarot deck using some of the art. They have so much stellar art that multiple tarot decks could be made with it... So I decided to make one. This copy has premium paper, silver gilded edges and was custom made for me by me. It reads very well!

I made this deck because I feel the art lends itself to tarot exploration, and because as a reader I can identify what works for me. The prototype sang to me in readings so I decided to complete the project, and now here it is.

This page is under construction.

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