Gold: Element of Earth.
Practical matters, finance. Material responsibility.
Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

ACE of GOLD COINS: Triumphs
Luck, success, wealth, joy in all aspects. A time of abundance, any project you begin now is set to succeed. If you draw a negative spread, this Ace makes it less of a threat.

This card is normally related to finances, but can mean something else depending on which cards are around it. (Cups: romance, rods: job or career, swords: health.)

Favorable in any situation: Wedding, ring, union.

Astrology: Sun in Taurus. Luminosity of gold.
Numerology: #37. Triumph of fortune.

RX: Financial opulence, greater than you could ever imagine. Money. Pride.

Astrology: Moon in Taurus. Manetism of matter.
Numerology: #85. Chaos before man.

Health: Problems with head or face.

2 OF GOLD COINS: Jealousy
Intellectual ability or gift. Diplomacy. Obstacles, blockages. Thoughts, inner workings of a person. Can represent rivalry or competitiveness from a person that can bring problems, whether in business or in romance. Stay on alert.

Message or letter received. Packages exchanged. Business transactions.

Astrology: Mercury in Taurus. Pushing against the establishment.
Numerology: #38. Interest enters in the infinite.

RX: Lack of trust. Lack of security.

Astrology: Saturn in Taurus. In service of chaos.
Numberology: #86. Service of chaos.

Health: Weakness in general.

3 OF GOLD COINS: Fortune
Reward for the work done. Learning a new craft. Favorable circumstances in bloom. Greatness, nobility of spirit and in social matters.

Astrology: Capricorn in Gemini. Maturity as a guide for youth.
Numerology: #39. Spirit seeking expansion.

RX: Failure in financial activities. Lack of maturity. Immaturity.

Astrology: Taurus in Gemini. Faulty communication.
Numerology: #87. Chaos of fortune.

Health: Hernias and fractures.

4 OF COLD COINS: Well-being
Practical application of intelligence bringing financial benefit$. Materialism. Attachment to possessions. Gifts. Success in business. Investments with optimal results.
Prosperity and the arrival of success, especially in everything related to work and business. Augurs investments with optimal results and benefits, as well as an excessive love for money that can return to the miserly consultant with his relatives. It heralds the arrival of a gift or loan that will generate more security to face the complications that may be coming.

Astrology: Taurus in Cancer. Interest and feelings.
Numerology: #40 materialism before all.

RX: Lust for power. Investments. Waste.
Romantic or economic instability.Major disorder. Solutions that do not come. Problems with the law that can even end in an arrest.

Astrology: Virgo in Cancer. Concerns.
Numerology: #88 Chaos vs. chaos.

Health: Ulcer, nervousness.

5 OF GOLD COINS: Resolutions
Financial loss. Possessing the intelligence to grow wealth. Ability to solve romantic and financial problems. Announces joy, celebrations and recognition. Money in process of blooming.
Discovery of an affectionate bond of significance; being a lover of those who do not forget. A positive meeting or the place where specific activities are developed that will benefit the client. A pay cut.

Astrology: Virgo in Cancer. Concerns.
Numerology: #88 Chaos vs. chaos.

RX: Disagreements in the relationship or in finance, debauchery, arguments and even economic loss.

Astrology: Virgo in Leo. Humility before pride.
Numerology: #89. Chaos vs. spirituality.

Health: Fractures.

6 of COLD COINS: Difficulties
Generosity, helping others.Troubleshooting quickly.
The Present, the here and now. The immediate. Generosity. Giving to others, perhaps with a spark of lack of foresight. Problems that solve themselves. Obstacles that are easy to overcome.

Astrology: Sun in Virgo.Service and generosity. Purity.
Numerology:  #42 Matter enters doubt.

RX: Greed. Ambition. Streak of bad luck. Lack of control. Busy business. Jealousy.

Astrology: Saturn in Virgo . Cruelty and despotism. Being controlling.
Numerology: #90 The spirit before nothing.

7 OF GOLD COINS: Gratification

Good prospects for wealth, both material and spiritual.
Those who intuitively know how to use their resources to achieve their desired purposes. Success will not take long to arrive, although it will happen with hard effort and hard work. Arrival of an unexpected money or an unexpected inheritance.

Astrology: Taurus in Libra. Intuition in business.
Numerology: #43. Matter that is based on the spiritual.

RX: Concerns about lack of self-confidence. Generosity without necessity. A thoughtless and hasty attitude towards investments. Impatience, regret and apprehension.

Astrology: Virgo in Libra. At the service of inner balance.
Numerology: #91. Spirit with divinity.
Health: Calculations

8 OF GOLD COINS: Reflection
Escape to spirituality. Brunette woman. Romance.
The home. A period of disagreements, instabilities and a hostile environment. Requires reflection in order to restore balance and lost harmony. Learning, the ability to acquire knowledge or discover your own abilities. Equitable distribution of money, an inheritance, property, or business. The time has come to start another job, another fun. Do manual work, artisans, something that entertains the body and gives freedom to the spirit.

Astrology: Virgo in Scorpio. Attraction to the occult.
Numerology: #44. Matter at the service of matter.

RX: Attachment to money. Singleness. Significant profits as a result of usury, greed, jealousy. A disappointment soon to come.

Astrology: Capricorn in Scorpio. Passion contained.
Numerology: #92. The spirit before doubt.
Health: Burns.

9 OF GOLD COINS: Instability

Isolation. Well-to-do social position. Love of luxury.

Astrology: Taurus in Sagittarius. Administrative influence.
Numerology: #45 matter preventing spirituality.

RX: Infidelity, deceit in the material or in the spiritual.

Astrology: Capricorn in Sagittarius.Fight for dominance.
Numerology: #93. Tthe spirit before the trinity.



Light complexion and hair person. Interested. Vain. Likelihood to be female.
Proud. Intelligent. Selfish. Superficial. Passionate, generous and eager to excel. Messenger. Announces good news to us, which does not always have to be cheap.

Astrology: Sun in Capricorn. Discipline.
Numerology: #46. The square and the cube can reach the spirit.

RX: Controversy. Frivolous woman. Waste. Interested in economic affairs. It is usually the villain of the film.

Astrology: Moon in Capricorn. Indiscipline.
Numerology: #94 The spirit looking towards matter.

11 KNIGHT OF GOLD COINS: Knight of Order
Economic changes. Travel related to money.
Young man of an Earth sign: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Blond or gray hair. He is the most unconscious of the knights. Brings money movement and good economic benefits related to travel. Friendly, intelligent, rebellious and curious temperament. Business skills, economic progress, and the wealth that is gained from your own effort, maturity, and responsibility. Announces the arrival of a good friend very well predisposed to collaborate in overcoming obstacles. It heralds a possible trip, favorable news and good prospects.

Astrology: Taurus in Aquarius. Administration of reasoning.
Numerology: #147 Matter dominates fortune.

RX: Need for change, emotional apathy. Inactivity, lack of interest. Jealousy and passions that are unleashed in the sentimental field and that affect the emotional balance that the client so far enjoyed.

Astrology: Virgo in Aquarius. Obsession with perfection.
Numerology: #95 The spirit looking at the man.

Health: Sterility.

12 KING OF GOLD COINS: Lord of the Summit
A self-centered man, educated but very financially interested. Also cold and calculating. Secretive, influential and cerebral. A man who can belong to an Earth sign. He is usually a man of blond or gray hair, pale complexion, strong of character. Being a sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. His interest in material goods is evident. He can be the capital partner of any company, but also a simple bank employee. Enjoys a solid economic position, with an enormous capacity and ability to follow several businesses at the same time; He embodies the experience, intelligence, and aptitude typical of a banker, stockbroker, or millionaire.

Astrology: Taurus in Pisces. Sensitivity.
Numerology: #48 Materialism versus infinity.

RX: Corruption. Person who can take advantage of the querent. Greed. Unrecognizable old vices will be discovered that will come to light surprising the ingenuity of the querent.

Astrology: Virgo in Pisces. Fatal Attraction.
Numerology: #96 The spirit with its back to the spirit.

Cysts, tumors.

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