Beginnings of a burning passion. New activity, creative impulse. A time of action, of great energy and bold movements. Ambition. A new way of life. A new passion. Sensuality.

RX: The energy can become chaotic, difficult to gold onto. Sparse. Still very forceful but needs more focus.

Dominion, power, focused will. Being able to focus energy and power to achieve a goal. Waiting. Brief inactivity. Knowing you want change but waiting for the circumstances to fall into place.

RX: Impatience. Indecision. Openness to change, to giving up power. Lack of faith in your own abilities holds you back.

Foresight. Seeking out uncharted seas. Waiting period. Inactivity. Laving the secure behind to pursue something different. Day-dreaming about the future and knowing you can make it a reality.
Anticipation and good timing. Association with boats, the sea, and journeys.

RX: Openness to change, to giving up power. Escape from a threatening situation. Forgetting the nightmares and dreaming of good things instead. An ability to arise from surrounding doom and gloom.

Establishing a foundation for the future. Establishing structure to build upon. Loosely structured situations. People working together for a unified purpose. Joy, openness, sharing. Celebration or festival. Holiday or short break.

A very barebones project or venture that will help you mature and pick up necessary fundamentals over time. The most assured way to start a career or new life path that will stick is by making it habitual. Recognize we all start somewhere.

Cooperation, people working together. Being held back, feeling like a prisoner. A celebration or party goes rather wrong. Finding the courage to escape from controlling home life.

Struggles, arguments, aggression. Hassles, annoyances, and irritations. Testing your strength in a skirmish. Nobody can agree. Confrontation, quick and heated. Getting into pointless or quick battles. Feeling irritated and beset by annoying people. Dynamism, movement.

RX: A fight that seems serious, but might prove not to be. An uneven struggle. Battling inner demons. Ganging up on someone. Feeling of betrayal.

Moving forward. Success. Feeling pride.Optimism, belief, a flurry of activity, productivity, many projects. Having a high opinion of yourself. Feeling worthy of notice.

RX: A victory won at the expense of others. Vanity and egotism. The wrong side wins. Taking all the credit, not acknowledging those who have helped. Letting a triumph get to your head. Becoming dictatorial and over-confident.

Uncertainty, the slow development of awareness. Quietness, thinking about issues, a purpose beginning to emerge. Hard-fought success. Success obtained through effort. Defending your position against all challenges.

RX: More confidence, greater self-awareness. Communication with others. Picking a fight you know you're the stronger opponent. Unreliable, untrustworthy person. A liar.

Exchanging messages. Quick, small talk. Text messages or e-mails. Nervous, fast energy. Everything happening at once, both threads and opportunities.
Movement, purpose, things coming to realization or conclusion. Great variety of possibilities without the need to choose one over the other.

RX: A brief passion that leaves you feeling wiped out and spent.Possible delays, confusion. May indicate the need to make a choice. Wasted effort. Cancelled journeys. Not understanding each other or being on the same page.

Duty and responsibility. Being really exhausted while fulfilling an obligation. Keeping your courage even though it is very costly. Refusing to abandon a commitment. Being on your last leg.
Firm action, release, purity of purpose. A single action or piece of knowledge which changes a situation dramatically, especially in the direction of liberation. A time of change approaches. Challenges met and surmounted.

RX: Confinement, confusion, the need for a fresh way of looking at the situation. Fight. Being caught off guard. Burnout.

Burden. Taking on too much. Wishing you wouldn't have taken so much. Trying to do far more than you should. Powerful dreams. Intense belief.

RX: Oppression, especially self-oppression through doubt. Dismissing your dreams as trivial or impossible. Anger. Checking out.

Strength, eagerness, especially for new projects. A person who is forthright and positive, who keeps no secrets. Sexuality that is innocent at the same time. Passion. Self-gratification. Casual relationships or hook-ups.

RX: Laziness or exhaustion. Someone who holds back feelings. Hidden passions. Energies put into negative activities. Over-enthusiasm or obsession with something. Regrets about an affair. Too much dependance on external validation. Anger or frustration when facing failure. Having a negative attitude or disposition.

Optimism and energy. Someone with charisma, who lacks commitment. Someone courageous, idealistic, virtuous. Can be headstrong, refusing to compromise what he believes is right.

RX: Someone who has taken a lot of risks and possibly stands in some danger. Starting out all excited, but later losing interest. Someone who loves and leaves. It may also indicate disillusionment and loss of idealism.A charming manipulator. A passionate lover, but not someone to rely on.

A very passionate woman or artist. Someone who likes to stand out with style, fashion or accessories. Energetic, warmly affectionate person. Zest for life, fun and self-exploration. Wonderment, joy, someone positive.

Someone negative or manipulative, needing to be shaken up. Somebody competing for attention. Somebody controlling or overbearing, can be aggressive when tempers arise. Someone whose sensuality is disturbing. Witchcraft and dark magic. A vain, self-absorbed person. A neurotic attention-seeker.

Someone of great confidence, satisfied with his or her life. Thoughtful and quiet. someone with a strong sense of art and beauty. A performer, theatrical and amusing. An uncontentional or eccentric person. A warm, energetic man. A flirt. Not usually somebody who seeks a commitment, but rather somebody who values running free and being independent.

RX: Someone charming, but maybe arrogant as well. He or she can be domineering.  Self-centeredness. Narcissism.

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