Thoughts. Thinking things through. Analysis. Logic first. Facing conflict or pain honestly. Break-up, or detaching from emotion. A new opportunity that looks promising, but will demand intellectual efforts.

RX: Confused thinking. Difficulty in facing issues. Fear of conflict. Inability to agree. Disconnecting. Avoidance. Entering a project that will cause conflict. Destruction. Caution with use of power.

Avoiding the truth, indecision, fear of the unknown, clouded judgment. Opposition. Difficult decisions. Crossroads. Facing fears.

Facing an inner battle when needing to make an important decision. Turning away the influence of others to stay true to your own ideals, beliefs and choices.

Looking at something honestly, unblinking in the face of danger. Sharp differences between people. Being on a different page. Being disconnected from one another. Mental block. Inability to think clearly or to see a situation objectively. Seeing things are we want to and not as they are.

A path not yet clear. Being at a crossroads.

Looking away from something. May also mean resolving difficult issues. The state of mind between being asleep and awake. Mental haze. The veil. Wrong choices. Overwhelming stress.

Stand up for your position. Consider a new approach to the situation.

Accepting pain with grace. Deep pain or sadness. Emotional disturbance. Sorrow. Grief over someone or something you love. A betrayal that you aren't expecting, or that shocks you to the core.

RX: Release from sorrow or depression. Getting over a break-up. Mourning a break-up, having a hard time accepting it is over. Desire for revenge after a relationship ends. Dwelling too much on past loves.

Rest and recovery, withdrawal, a truce. Problems may resolve themselves on their own. Sickness or falling ill. Hospitalization. Needing time away from others. Allowing yourself to step back and stop worrying for a while. Arguments before or at bed time.

RX: Becoming more involved. Taking action. Information that prompts someone to do something. Healing from a tough situation or surgery that gives little hope.

Defeat. Losing. Shame. Depression, silence. A harsh situation where a person feels incapable of speaking out. Feeling victorious at the expense of another. Aggression, picking a fight.

RX: A clash of two cultures. Intimidation or threats. Online trolling. Talking negatively about you behind your back. A victim of abuse or violence who bites back. Solving a problem with an alternate means or solution.

Travel across the ocean. Boat. Transition. Leaving the past behind. Getting over a tough time or trauma. Changing location from one place to another. Temporary location or event. Making a profound change in your life, one which will take time.

RX: Giving up, and giving someone else the wheel. Feeling dead to the world, and too depressed or passive to do anything about it. A forever loss. A period of mourning a loss. Slow but sure departure.

Difficult effort, struggle, attempts to see things clearly. The need to define yourself and your position. Intellectual piracy. Being spiteful or petty. Rivalry. Evil intentions. Evil eye. Going it alone without listening to advice. Going rogue.

RX: Individuality. The person's efforts are rewarded. Clearing away obstacles. Dangerous theft or subterfuge. Mixing with things you don't fully understand. Stealing something that you think you will put to better use. Being duped into a foolish act.

Feeling trapped. Concealing or burying feelings of aggression. Allowing other people to control you. Acting polite or nice when it isn't genuine. Being unable to move on from something you know is not good for you.

RX: Addiction. Dark state of mind. Dark thoughts. Playing risky and silly psychological games. Manipulation. Staying in a dangerous situation when you should get out.

Enduring a cruel or painful situation. Dark dreams and nightmares. Refusing to give in or look away. Problems blowing up, out of proportion. Panic attacks, hysteria. Loneliness. Fears that we make up because we don't know. Looking on the negative side. Being totally disenchanted.

RX: Turning away from something. Avoiding a painful situation. Invoking dark dreams and visions. Deliberately courting danger. Experiencing fear after reading/seeing/talking about horrors. Being afraid of going mad. Irrational mindset. Temporary loss of mental control.


Losses and endings. Intellect, abstraction. Perfection of thought. Detachment from emotion or daily worries. Mourning and grief. Reaching a low point. Sorrow and regret. A psychological breakdown.

RX: Confusion, a flawed vision or perspective. Becoming distracted by worry or responsibility. Coming to terms with a tragic event.

Someone who is active in the world, but in an intellectual, detached way. A person who believes him/herself objective, but is driven by desires or fears.

RX: Greater awareness of your own motives. Less intellectual, more instinctive. Can mean suspicion or nervousness.

A warrior, a hero, someone of class or privilege. Hasty judgment. Putting ideas into action. Being outspoken or direct. Jumping into something too quickly.  Has been known to be a surgeon, or someone who works with sharp knives.

RX: Acting on impulse, without thinking. Clash. Brashness. Going too far. Charging ahead when it is better to be cautious. Someone who abuses others, or has to get their own way. Using intelligence to dominate and take control.

Brilliant, distant and cold or unemotional person. Disconnected from others. Self-isolation. In relation to a problem it calls for clear thinking and detachment. Being strong-willed, honest and articulate. Reserved. Protective. Strategy.

A pessimistic mindset. Choosing to hang onto pain or put up impenetrable barriers. The sharpest, most impenetrable mind. Somebody who feels outmatched in intellectual debate. Wanting others to keep up and feeling impatience if they cannot.

RX: Emotional turmoil. Someone manipulative or cruel. A woman who uses her intelligence to control or manipulate others. A well educated person. Sharp wit. Someone who won't tolerate others getting the best of them.

A powerful personality and intellect, someone in a position of authority. Someone who has fought many battles in life. Shrewd, intelligent leader. A natural military commander. someone who expects to be obeyed.

RX: Arbitrary and dogmatic. Someone aggressive, who uses fighting to gain control of others. A dictatorial ruler. Somebody cruel and cold.

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